Moscow Vnukovo Airport Services

At Vnukovo airport there are various restaurants, bars and cafés that offers different products to take a bite of the russian and international gastronomy.


Other services:

- Changing Room & Children’s Play area - 2nd floor left side of the terminal A

- Mother and Child Room - 2nd floor of the terminal D


Assistance to Passengers with Special Needs

Wheelchairs, Pick low-mobility passengers in vehicles.

It is recommended to prepare and get in touch with the airport if any passenger need special attention.


Contact information:

Phone: +7 (495) 436-61-89 (round the clock)



Medical Care

Clinic is located on the 2nd level of Terminal A. On the 1st level of Terminal A (patients transported on a stretcher) are health services too.


The VIP, First-Class and Business Services

Lounges at the airport:

Terminal A - International flights:

Business room (third floor)

Business Facilities TOP Lounge (3th floor)

CIP Lounge Turkish Airlines airline (2n level landing gallery)

Tchaikovskiy Premier Lounge by UTG aviation services (2nd level of the atrium with a fountain)


Terminal A - Domestic flights

Business room - 3rd floor, between outputs 11 / 11A and 12 / 12A.



Hotel Crew is located in a green zone of the village Vnukovo, just fifteen minutes walk from the airport.

To reach the hotel from the airport is 50 roubles with Transfer.