Moscow Vnukovo Airport Informational Guide to Vnukovo Airport - Non Official

Vnukovo Airport Bus

Buses are one of the easiest ways to get to and from Vnukovo Airport.

The cheapest way to get to downtown Moscow from Vnukovo Airport is to combine bus and metro.

All the described bus lines in this section follow the route to and from a couple of metro stations:

Salaryevo Station, Yugo-Zapadnaya, Troparyovo.

(Note that from any of these three metro stations it is possible to board metro line 1 which gets to downtown Moscow. The ride to Okhotny Ryad, which stands for Moscow’s historical city centre, just takes 23 minutes.)

Bus 911

Metro Station “Salaryevo”.

Route: Vnukovo Airport - Metro Station “Salaryevo”.

The trip time is about 20 minutes. Buses depart every 7 minutes.

Bus 611/611k

Metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya”

Route: Art. Metro "South-West " - Art. Metro Troparevo - Vnukovo Airport - Vnukovo Plant.

Travel time is about 30-40 minutes and buses depart every 20 minutes.

Stop "Vnukovo Airport" is an intermediate stop in this route.

Opening hours: from 05.00am to 01.00am.


The bus stop is located 400 meters from Terminal A.


At the register:

- 50 rubles/trip, on the Ground Public Transport in Moscow;

- "90 minutes" ticket - 60 rubles. Valid on all public transport, including 1 trip on the subway for 90 minutes.

Buying from the driver:

- 55 rubles/ single ticket, Ground Public Transport in Moscow;

The combined ticket (bus + metro) costs RUB 110.00 or RUB 55.00 (in case that your purchased them separated).

* prices may change. 

Where do I buy my ticket?

Passengers can purchase their ticket either at the ground level desks or directly on board to the driver.