Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Transportation


AeroExpress is the high-speed train that runs to the Belarusian Railway Station, located in Downtown Moscow. Departs every 25-30 minutes. Travel time is about 35-40 minutes.


Route: Aeroport Vnukovo railway station (ru) / Aeroport (ru) - Moscow Kiyevskaya Lines 3, 4, 5 - Moscow Smoenskaya Lines 2, 5 - Moscow Savyolovskaya Line 9 - Sheremetyevo railway station (ru) - Lobnya railway station (ru) - Moscow Kalanchyovskaya (ru) Lines 1, 5 - Moscow Kurskaya Lines 3, 10, 5 - Moscow Paveletskaya Lines 2, 5 - Aeroport Domodedovo Railway Station.


Various tickets are available (Business, Standard, Return, Kids (children under 5 years old travel for free), Family, Subscription 10, Subscription 50, Morning 20, The evening of 20, The evening + 50).


Between Terminals

The terminals D, E, F are connected by pedestrian corridors.

Terminals on the south complex (D, E and F) have free shuttle bus service that links with Terminal C.

Passengers may show their passport and their boarding pass or airline ticket to pick up the service. Location: Stops are located in the shuttle terminals E & C.


To pick up the service 1.30h until 6.30h, please call the following phone: +7 (926) 244 45 77 or +7 (495) 578 16 77. Vehicles depart every 30 minutes.



From the airport depart various buses that run to Moscow as well as to Demodedovo.


Buses routes between Sheremetyevo airport - Moscow:

- River Station: bus 851

- Glider: bus 817

- Leninsky Prospekt: bus H1 (night bus). Travel time: 45-50 minutes.

- "Khimki" Station: bus 62



The following taxi companies are authorized to operate at SVO airport:

Transparking, LLC Taxi-Sher, LLC AvtoSher, LLC autothermia, Ltd. ESC-24.

Terminal C - Taxi-Sher

Terminal D - Transparking

Terminal E - Taxi-Sher

Terminal F - ESC-24, autothermia


We strongly recommend to pick up a legal and authorized taxi at Sheremetyevo airport.

To book previously a taxi, please, call: +7 (964) 588 88 80.



To request information or be registered:

Phone: +7 (985) 774 20 52; +7 (495) 642 72 82


Car rental

Check in the following link the different car rental options that do you have at Sheremetyevo airport!