Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminals

Sheremetyevo Airport has a total of 5 terminals: 4 are passenger terminals and 1 is a special terminal reserved for business and private passengers.


All terminals are divided into 2 groups: North and South.


North Terminals: A, B and C

Terminal A: It’s the terminal only used for private and business aviation.

Terminal B: Currently is under construction after a demolition in 2015. It operates with the low-cost airlines and cargo flights as well.


Terminal C

Operate with flights of CIS carriers and charter airlines.

Terminal C links with a multy-storey parking via a pedestrian corridor.

The terminal hosts the Chapel of Archangel Michael and the other Bodiless (3rd Departures Floor).


South Terminals: D, E and F

All south terminals are connected through various pedestrian walkways.


Terminal D

It is next to Terminal F. It has 22 jetways and 11 remote stands.

Terminal D connects directly with a multy storey parking through a pedestrian bridge.


Terminal E

It is used for international flights (Skyteam Partners and Aeroflot primarly). It is planned to connect Terminal E with Terminals D and F as well as with the Railway Station. It hosts the Chapel of St. Nicholas


At the terminal there is the V-Express Transit Hotel (located between security/passport check-ins) that provides short-term accommodations for passengers. The good point is that passengers don’t need to present a visa for entering in Russia.


Terminal F

It was opened in 1980 for the Moscow Summer Olympics. It operates with international and domestic flights.