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Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Parking

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At Sheremetyevo Airport there are several parking options for all kind of passengers.

Please note that parking is free of charge for the first 15 minutes. Keeping your car parked outside of the parking lots for more than 15 minutes is forbidden, it will result in a fine of RUB 1,000. Be careful!

Passengers that need to park longer than the periods established at the parking lots of the airport may consider to contact with one of the hotels located in the vicinities to request to use their parking facilities.

Keep reading to get more insights about the parking lots at Sheremetyevo Airport:

Terminal D Parking

Parking at Terminal D stands for an indoor 4,100 spaces parking lot which is connected to the terminal by a covered pedestrian walkway. The trip won’t take you more than 2 minutes by foot.


- 1 to 3 hours: 250 ₽/hour
- Over 3 hours: 800 ₽/per day
- Daily (from  1st to 4th day): 800 ₽/per day
- 5th day: 600 ₽/per day
Ticket lost or damaged: RUB 1,500

Terminal B Parking

An indoor 2,500 spaces parking lot located next to Terminal B. To move between the parking lot and the terminal, there’s a pedestrian walkway, the trip is just about 2 minutes’ walk.


- First 30 minutes: Free
- First hour: 200 ₽
- From 1 hour to 3 hours: 250 ₽
- Over 3 hours: 800 ₽ daily. 
- From 1st to 4th day: 800 ₽/daily
- 5th day: 600 ₽/daily

Parking lots Terminals E and F

A small multi-level parking lot located in the Aeroexpress southeast of Terminal E, close to Sheremetyevskoe Shosse and Mezhdunarodnoye Shosse. It has 350 parking spaces. You can get to both terminals within a few minutes by foot.


- 1st day: 600 ₽/per day
- From 2 to 3 days: 600 ₽/per day
- from 4 days: 400 ₽/per day

P3 Parking

An outdoor secured parking at a walking distance (3 minutes) of both Terminals E and F. It has 300 parking spaces.


- From 1 hour to 2 hours (inclusive): 300 ₽/hour
- over 2 hours: 600 ₽/per day
- Daily rate: 600 ₽/per day

P6 Parking

An outdoor parking close to the Aeroexpress overpass, at a short distance walk from both Terminals E and F (10 minutes). It has 650 parking spaces.


- Price daily: RUB 400.00
Ticket lost or damaged: RUB 1,500

P12 Indoor Parking Lot

This parking lot is located outside Sheremetyevo Airport premises. Please note that there’s a shuttle bus between this parking lot and the airport terminals. Departures are done every 10 up to 30 minutes. Try to book your seat in advance.


- Price daily: RUB 250.00
Ticket lost or damaged: RUB 1,500

P12 Outdoor Parking Lot

This in an outdoor parking that serves Terminals D, E and F, the farthest and the cheapest one. It has 750 parking spaces.

Please note that a shuttle bus transfers passengers from and to the terminals every 10-30 minutes. The average trip time to the terminals is about 7-10 minutes.


- Price / day: RUB 200.00
Ticket lost or damaged: RUB 1,500

PArking p13

Located nearby Terminal В offers 451 parking places.


- Up to 1 hour: free
- From 1 hour to 4 hours (inclusive): 200 ₽/hour
- Over 4 hours: 400 ₽/per day
- From 1 day: 400 ₽/per day

parking p17 

P17 Parking is available for use of passengers. The parking lot is located on Aviatsionnaya street across Terminal B at 5-7 minute walking distance.


- from 1 hour to 2 hours: 100 ₽/hour
- from 2 to 3 hours: 200 ₽/hour
- over 3 hours: 400 ₽/per day
- Daily: 400 ₽

terminal c parking

Indoor parking next to Terminal C. 


- First 30 minutes: free
- from 30 minutes to 3 hours: 100 ₽/30 minutes
- over 3 hours: 600 ₽/per day
- Daily: 600 ₽/per day

Parking spaces for disabled passengers / drivers

At Sheremetyevo Airport there aren’t parking spaces reserved for passengers with special needs or disabilities but can park free of charge.

Passengers should contact with their airline to get assistance. Previously arrangement requested.

Parking service information: +7 (800) 707-96-72

*Prices are subject to change.