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Sheremetyevo Airport North Terminals

Sheremetyevo Airport North Sector Complex Terminals are three: Terminals A, B and C.

Take a look of the main features of the North Terminals:

Terminal A

Terminal A serves business and private aviation services. It is located on the northern part of the airport premises. In that sense, terminal A is not currently used for regular passenger flight and is not opened to public.

Terminal B

Terminal B stands for a domestic terminal, hosting domestic and regional services along with some Aeroflot domestic flights. Please note that the western part of the terminal belongs to Terminal A. After a long renovation process, opened its gates in 2018 and now is able to host 20 million passengers per year. It is connected to the Southern Complex and to the Aeroexpress railway station by the so called Interterminal underground passage.

Terminal C

Terminal C was opened to passengers again on January 2020 after some renovation works. It has a capacity of 20 million passengers, and now is called as Terminal C1, handling some international flights. Terminal C2 is planned to be opened to public on 2026 and will add 10 million passengers capacity. 


Take a look at the levels of the terminals belonging to the North Sector Complex:

Terminal B:

First level: Domestic Arrivals and also boarding gates 101-102, 103-104.

Second level: Domestic Arrivals. Boarding gates 122 and 123.

Third level: Ticketing and Domestic Departures. Find here boarding gates 101-104, 105-106, 107-108, 109-110, 111-112, 113-114, 115-116, 117, 118, 119-120, 121, 122-123.


Terminals D, E, F are interconnected by walking galleries. Free shuttle bus for passengers runs between the South terminal complex and C terminal. Those buses also stop outside of the Aeroexpress rail terminal. The trip just takes 20 minutes.

On the other hand, Terminal B is connected to the Southern Terminal Complex by an international passage, which includes tunnels for baggage and automatic trains for passenger transportation. Transfer time is about 4 minutes.


Find the following services at Sheremetyevo Airport North Terminals:

- Mother rooms (and child): located in the terminals C, D, E and F
- Shuttle-bus between South-North terminal buildings
- Luggage trolleys
- Medical services
- Air transport police services
- Luggage room
- Restaurants, Bars and Cafés
- Shops
- Banks
- ATM’s 
- Currency exchange
- Post office
- Hotels located in the vicinities
- Tourist Agencies
- Information for Religious Persons
- Shower Stalls
- Nail Service

See more Services here.

Airport lounges

Kadinsky Lounge: Location: Terminal B, second level. 24 hours open. Services: snacks, Wi-Fi, showers, drinks, among others. 

Rublev Lounge: Terminal B. 24 hours open. Services: food, snacks, Wi-Fi, drinks, TV, Children’s area, among others. 

Malevich Lounge: Terminal C. Services: Wi-Fi, food, snacks, newspaper and magazines, showers, among others. 

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